So apparently there's a Twitter account dedicated to my abs, I came across it earlier today and I was both amused and flattered at the same time :p Who's following it?
Taylor Lautner: Thank you for making that account, diz81! I work hard to maintain those abs so I'm glad to find that you find them hot and I'm glad they make you horny
Justin Bieber: Your abs make me horny too and I am definitely going to give this account a follow! Those abs are even hotter than mine so yeah they definitely deserve some Twitter love!
Eating breakfast naked with Justin was so damn awesome yesterday! And dick and ass was up for dessert too
It's so hot today sweat is literally dripping down my abs. Might as well pull a Bieber and spend the day completely naked...phew!
Justin Bieber: You definitely should! I am spending the day naked because clothes are simply just umbearable in this heat! And seeing as I generally love walking around naked in my home, it's a win-win situation for me!
Taylor Lautner: I have officially taken off every item of clothing now and it feels so much better, I'm definitely spending the rest of the day naked so my body gets to breathe! And didz81, if you were here, I would gladly let you lick the sweat off my abs!
I love hot naked man-to-man play with the Biebs!
I played: Justin Bieber's body
Justin Bieber: I love playing it naked with you too!
I just had a magnificent meal!
I ate at: Justin Bieber's ass
Justin Bieber: It felt so damn good having you eat my ass mmmmm....
Here's a bigger version of my profile pic, hope you like it! My stylist and photographer both had initially made me wear my shirt all buttoned up for the pic but it was so hot on the set that day so I decided to completely unbutton the shirt and let my upper body get some air.
diz81: I don't blame you for wanting to open your shirt under such heat conditions on set and I'm glad you did! Those abs are so mouth watering, I would love to run my tongue up that washboard stomach mmmmm.....
Taylor Lautner: I'd love for you to run your tongue up my abs mmmmmm.....
Looking for a coin I just dropped...fml.
diz81: I wanna pull those jeans down, then pull your boxers down and plant my face firmly between your ass cheeks and rim you nice and long, slapping your ass cheeks as I eat your ass mmmmm.....
Taylor Lautner: Mmmm I would love that! My ass is ready for you anytime