Are you ready for this tomorrow, Taylor Lautner?
Taylor Lautner: Hell yeah, I'm so ready! My tongue can't wait to lick those hot pecs! And I'll suck your dick real good while you eat your cereal and when we've both eaten cereal, some tongue in ass play and us fuckIng each other could be additional things on the menu as well
Justin Bieber: That can definitely be arranged, the menu can always be extended as the day carries on
This is what I answered an inteviewer back in 2012 haha, and seven years later I still enjoy walking (maybe not so much running anymore) around naked in my home eating cereal. Anyone wanna join?
Taylor Lautner: I would love to eat cereal naked with you at your place, I mean it's my two favorite things in one: being naked with the hottest pop stud in the world whose dick I can't get enough of and eating cereal. I mean, it doesn't get better than that!
Justin Bieber: Sounds perfect! Wanna come to my house tomorrow? We'll spend the day naked together with cereal on the menu and possibly some dick sucking and ass eating for dessert
Taylor Lautner: I'll be there for sure! The dessert sounds amazing, I love rimming and fucking your ass and your dick always tastes amazing in my mouth mmmmm.....
More Twitter love, thanks y'all! I My ass is one of the bodyparts I'm especially proud of and I want others to enjoy the sight of it as well! And a few lucky ones even get to taste it and fuck it too
Thanks for the Twitter love, I'm very flattered!