Happy 26th birthday, Justin!! What are your plans today?
Taylor Lautner: Happy birthday, Justin! Your naked party sounds like a lot of fun, I'll be there for sure! And I too wanna nibble on and rim your own cake that you were born with mmmmmm....
diz81: I wanna smear the birthday cake on both of your naked bodies and lick it off mmmmm yeeeeaaahhhhh......
Justin Bieber: You can both nibble on and rim the cake I'm born with and smear the birthday cake over your naked bodies and mine as well, the idea makes me horny for sure!
I put the most delicious ass ever up as my cover photo, it's so.....oh fuck mmmmmm.....
Justin Bieber: My ass is here for you anytime, just let me know and I'll find a way for us to meet and let you rub your dick on my ass and eat it out, I love having that done to me mmmmmm.... Maybe we can have a rimming train and while you rim my ass, I can have Taylor Lautner on all fours in front of me and I'll rim his ass? What do you say, Taylor?
Taylor Lautner: Hell yeah, I'm totally down for a rimming train with you guys! Justin rimming my ass while you have a go at his ass sounds so freaking hot! And after a while we can switch places so that you can get to rim my ass too while I rim Justin's delicious ass, which by the way looks so good as your new cover photo! And it's true, it's simply impossible to not get horny by looking at that mouth watering ass!
diz81: Fuck yeaaahhh, a rimming train with you guys would be pure heaven! And yeah, changing from one to the other is only a good thing, a fun activity like that needs a little switching up after a while
Found a hot short video of Instagram and YouTube celeb Bryce Hall sitting in the back of a car shirtless, with his arms behind his head. It's as if he wants me to lick his abs, his chest all over and play with the tip of my tongue on each of his nipples and who would I be to say no?
Kinda wanna make some RP profiles here too, to liven this place up and play on my celeb fantasies
Horny on a Friday. Who doesn't love the weekend?