Justin definitely has no reason to feel sorry about his nude pics, they're so iconic and timeless and never fail to make me horny!
Justin Bieber: Yeah, why should I feel sorry about it? In the end, you only regret the chances you didn't take. Also never regret anything that makes you smile. I smiled that day and I smile knowing you guys get horny from seeing me naked and wanting to lick and suck my dick, I'm here to be licked and sucked anytime!
Happy 26th birthday to Justin Bieber today!! Here are two birthday edits I made for the special occasion
Justin Bieber: OMG I love these edits, thank you so much!!
Taylor Lautner: The hottest birthday cards ever!
Some wallpapers I made so far in 2020. Seeing these everytime I log on my computer, I always start to drool and my dick gets rock hard mmmmmmm..... Post 2/2
Justin Bieber: Another awesome wallpaper and I feel flattered that you love my dick so much!
Taylor Lautner: I love that Bieber dick too and I love how it's the main focus of this wallpaper! Didz and I both know how tasty that dick is to suck on mmmmmm......
Justin Bieber: I love it when you guys suck my dick, it feels fucking amazing mmmmm.....
Some wallpapers I made so far in 2020. Seeing these everytime I log on my computer, I always start to drool and my dick gets rock hard mmmmmmm..... Post 1/2
Justin Bieber: Awesome wallpaper, I feel honoured that you have me naked as your computer background!
Taylor Lautner: This wallpaper is HOT! If I had that on my computer, I wouldn't wanna open any programs at all, I'd just stare at it all day and jack off mmmmmm.....
Here's a Christmas edit I made recently, enjoy and have a merry naked Christmas
Justin Bieber: I know this is hella late but I love this Christmas edit! And I definitely spent my Christmas naked
Taylor Lautner: History was made that day for sure!
Found this compilation video of hot Justin pics on Pornhub. Those in his white boxers aren't exactly nude pics but the way those wet boxers are almost see through still makes it sexy. And then after that follows the good naked stuff from Bora Bora and Hawaii respectively. Well worth a a watch!
Justin Bieber: Nice video! And as one can see in that video, I ain't shy when it comes to wearing little to no clothes haha
Same user on Twitter praising Justin's lush ass, and deservedly so!
Justin Bieber: Blushing again! I'm glad y'all love my ass and it's been quite long since I had any tongue and dick in my ass, any volunteers? Oh, and totally stealing this one too haha!
Taylor Lautner: I volunteer, would love to put my tongue and dick in that hot ass of yours!
Justin Bieber: Mmmmm Taylor I would love to feel your tongue rimming my ass and your dick pounding it!
This Twitter user sure knows what's up!
Justin Bieber: OMG I'm blushing over here lol! Mind if I repost this on my page?
diz81: Sure, no problem!
OMG Justin those pics of you naked are so damn hot! I'd love to put your dick in my mouth and suck you off and rim your ass real good mmmmm yeeeaaahhhh....
Justin Bieber: Oh man, I would love for you to suck my dick and rim my ass! I bet your tongue feels fantastic!